Winter Weather- Port of NY & NJ Are Ready!

 In Industry Insider, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.

As we all remember last winter was exceptionally cold and snowy throughout the United States. The New York and New Jersey ports were hit with 61 inches, a record snowfall which is about 33 inches above normal. The heavy winter impacted the ports ability to be able to provide their customers efficient and reliable service. Last month’s issue of The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Winter Outlook has indicated that a repeat of last year’s extreme cold and snowy winter is unlikely. However, whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way this winter, the ports have taken measures to help minimize any potential impact.
Roadways & Terminals: 

  • The Port Authority will coat the roads with brine which will delay the buildup of snow and ice, therefore, allowing the plows to stay ahead of accumulation.
  • Terminals have increased the number of snow removal equipment and salt piles that will be available.
  • Terminals have come up with plans to employ yard strategies to make for an easier and more effective plowing.
  • International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) is working with the terminal operators to come up with a staffing plan based on the predicted weather for snow removal.

Customs Exam Stations (CES):

  • CES has increased the size of the chassis fleet and drivers, extending operation hours if required.  CES has secured additional equipment and contractors for snow removal.

Customs and Border Protections (CBP):

  • The CBP operators will provide extended hours of service to accommodate the peak season for cold treated and perishable imports during the months of November 2014 until January 2015.


  • There has been 495 new certified longshore workers including 49 new certified checkers have been added to the labor registry since February 2014 with continual training on heavy equipment and vessel gangs making these individuals immediately available as car drivers and baggage handlers.  To ensure that critical equipment vacancies are filled before less-skilled positions, hiring priorities have changed.

While we do our best to take preventative and proactive measures prior to the snow, if and when it does occur – there will likely be some unavoidable delays.  We monitor all shipments closely and will keep you posted as the winter approaches.  Welcome to the winter season!