Welcome to Trans-Border, Valentina MacEachern

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This weeks New Hire Highlight is Valentina MacEachern. Welcome to the Trans-Border team Valentina! Valentina has recently joined our team and is taking her first steps into the exciting world of Freight Forwarding and we are excited to have her here at Trans-Border!

Valentina is originally from Vermont before moving to New York for their larger job market. Prior to joining our team she worked in sales and customer service for a large commercial bathroom accessory company. When Valentina is not here working hard you can find her on the hiking trails, backpacking or even rock climbing. She has a dog named Lucy who has a huge personality but yet is small enough to be given piggyback rides. Valentina’s favorite type of music is EDM/Dubstep and her favorite movie series is Harry Potter. She loves sushi and if she was ever stranded on an island she would only bring her dog, a friend and some seeds to grow some food.  Like most of us she would definitely have her superpower being to teleport because who wouldn’t want to see the world for free and in a moments notice. Valentina’s motto is ‘Don’t Look back and keep moving forward’.

We are thrilled to have Valentina as part of the Trans-Border team! You can message her a warm welcome on teams or in an email to vmaceachern@tbgfs.com.