Waiting, Waiting, Waiting – It’s not Disney World…but the World of Freight…Unfortunately!

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In our fast paced freight environment, things are always changing.  These changes include larger ocean vessels coming into the fleet and more aircrafts being deployed every day.  While more freight is a good thing (we do love freight here at TB!) – there are some unwelcome side effects. 

Have you ever waited in a line at the grocery store when all you needed was a gallon of milk?  The person in front of you has 100 items and there is no express (15 items or less) lane open!  The experience of waiting can often be a frustrating one.  With all of the new vessels and aircraft, the trucking industry and the terminals are trying to play catchup.  The infrastructure at airlines and terminals is not yet able to keep up with the volume and thus – our inland carriers end up waiting.  While in years past, carriers have often waited free of charge – times are changing.  These carriers now offer a certain time frame for free (typically 1 hour) and are then charging an hourly fee thereafter for their time.

The average wait time charge is around $65-$85 an hour and we are very often not alerted of the waiting time until the driver returns back to their terminals the nextday.  If a particular carrier does not charge wait time, then they have other accessorial fees like a congestion surcharge, to account for the amount of time spent at these locations. 

Unfortunately, there is no express lane at these terminals.  (We wish there was too!!)  And to get the only one shipment (or gallon of milk  ) that is yours – our carriers are going to have to wait.  Trans-Border does proactively try every approach to not incur these charges – including having our truckers go in at off-peak hours – but there will be times when the dreaded waiting time charge will be applicable. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sumar Bhatti, Director of Freight Operations at 800-493-9444 or by e-mail (sbhatti@tbgfs.com)!  We’d be more than happy to help.