US Customs and Border Protection implements full ISF enforcement

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As of Thursday, May 14th, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will implement the final stage of Importer Security Filing (ISF).


In this final stage of ISF enforcement, the following will be included:

  • Liquidated damages will be given out directly by the ports. An official CBP Headquarters review will no longer be necessary before liquidated damages are given.
  • CBP will no longer need to give warnings prior to issuing liquidated damages for late, incomplete, and inaccurate ISFs.
  • Cargo holds at the port will continue based on the timeliness of the ISF filing.
  • It is probable that CBP will issue penalties within 6 months of the offense, but they do have the right to penalize non-compliant ISFs for up to 6 years.


ISF Liquidated Damages (penalties) for non-compliance (USD):

  • Late-Filing (filing after the 24 hours prior to vessel departure deadline): $5,000
  • Non-Filing (not filing the ISF at all): $5,000
  • Incomplete/Inaccurate Filing (filing ISF with incomplete/inaccurate information): $5,000

*Please note*
if the ISF is not filed timely, as well as accurately & completely, Customs may assess liquidateddamages of $5,000 per violation with a maximum of $10,000 per ISF transaction.

We will continue to keep the importing community updated as developments happen. For more information on this legislation, or about ISF enforcement in general, please contact Bill Carey via email ( or by calling 800-493-9444.



Published 5/20/2015