Urgent! West Coast Labor Negotiations Update!

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Video from the PMA President & CEO included!

Many of you have been experiencing the pain, frustration and additional costs of the congestion on the West Coast.  Here are Trans-Border, we have been following the labor negotiations closely and Tuesday, there was a press conference given by the President & CEO of the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).  Tensions are getting high and there is some pretty serious talk of a strike in the next week.  There is somewhere around 20 vessels sitting outside the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to berth and the congestion is getting worse as I write this newsletter.  A video of the statement can be found below and includes what the PMA’s offer is to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (RE: Salary & Benefits).

Video from the PMA President & CEO

The ILWU’s response can be found on their website below:


Stay tuned.  These next couples weeks are going to be…. Interesting….

LAX view of congestion