Update to China Customs Advanced Manifest Regulations

 In Industry Insider

Effective June 1, China Customs per release of Order No. 56 that addresses advanced manifest regulations, will now require that additional data elements to be submitted to identify shippers and consignees on all shipments destined to and transiting mainland China.

This newly implemented regulation will apply to cargo moving via air, FCL and LCL mode.

To comply with this new mandate, all shippers of cargoes originating in the US destined to or transiting China will be required to furnishTransBorder with the following data elements at the time of shipment:

1) Business registration code of the actual consignee in China. This can be provided in two possible formats:
  • Consignee’s Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI)This is 18 digits in length and is prefixed with “USCI”. Chinese mainland companies will have this number.
  • If the USCI is not available, the Organization Code (OC) will be required. This is 9 digits in length and is prefixed with “OC”.

2) Phone number of the consignee.

TransBorder will also be required to provide the US exporter’s tax EIN number to China Customs at the time of export (the EIN can be provided on the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions as normal).

As with all new regulations, adjustments may be made by China Customs as the global shipping community attempts to comply with these new rulings which initially seem confusing and in some cases, contradictory.

As always, TransBorder will continue to offer it’s steadfast support and to help decipher these regulations if questions arise. We strongly recommend that all US shippers communicate at the earliest possible stage with their customers to obtain these registration codes to avoid unnecessary delays both prior to departure from the US as well as upon arrival overseas. China Customs may also enforce also penalties for failure to comply with these rulings.