Trans-Border Tracker: Maximizing Your Visibility

 In Industry News, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.

November 16th 2023 – During last week’s newsletter, in referencing whether or not you were moving your freight under the correct incoterms, we talked about how we communicate through our automated email updates/online web portal. These key features enable us to deliver information to your inbox or your computer seamlessly, making your supply chain more efficient.

At Trans-Border we want to embrace technology while ensuring that we do not lose the human element needed to maintain strong relationships, so we set out to create a tracker that allows you to simply and easily track your shipments, access all your shipment data, and download all your key documents in one place while giving you access to our staff 24/7/365.

Through our automated status updates you are not only having real-time updates straight to your email inbox, notifying you of key milestones but also any unforeseen delays, but you’re also able to access a much more in-depth overview to your shipments routed through Trans-Border.

Through these automated status updates you can access a tracking page via our website, where a picture-annotated overview gives you a visual on the lifespan of your shipment, as well as up-to-date ETAs.

Not only that, but our support team can provide you with a log-in that will enable you to see a much more detailed overview of your shipment that will include your references, container/shipment details, and your much needed documents such as Bill of Ladings and 7501 entry summaries. You never have to worry about chasing your freight forwarder for documents ever again, simply access them in your portal.

Not only will you have specific shipment tracking, but you can also access a complete list of jobs that will enable you to filter by key indicators such as shipment mode or estimated delivery date.

Does your request need more than an automated email and online portal to handle? Don’t worry, you can simply hit “reply all” to your automated email which has come directly from your dedicated CSR, with your rep included, to respond directly to a human. That, or you can hit the “contact us” button on the tracking page and an email window with your CSR auto-filled will pop right up! Don’t forget that our phone system is answered 24/7/365 and we do not use automated phone services – you will always deal with a human.

Are you an existing partner of Trans-Border that is not yet utilizing these key parts of our service? Are you not yet working with Trans-Border and want to learn more about how these exciting features can transform your supply chain?

Please reach out to us at  or contact your dedicated rep to learn more and set up a demonstration today!