Tattoos, Piercings, and Freight…really?

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I don’t have any tattoos or piercings (I did get my ear pierced in college 30 years ago­–hole is closed now), but I am totally fine with people who have them. It is their body and they make the decision best for them–though I do believe that the tattoo removal business will be a large money maker in the future!

Back in the day–tattoos and piercings were considered extreme…only rebellious kids and sailors did them–but things change. Thank god things change or we would still be making calls from pay phones, looking for information in an encyclopedia and waiting to send a fax.

Trans-Border changes every day in our quest to keep getting better. We have combined our ocean and air export departments into one so you can have one account manager to handle your exports. We just updated our website so you have a better idea of the people you are working with and have more reference material. We have changed our billing procedure so that you have more documents as a backup. We initiated a new training and onboarding procedure for new hires so that they are better prepared for their new position and understand company values. We are continually changing and are happy about it!

Things do change and we must all adapt without losing focus on the core values of what makes us who we are. A tattoo or a piercing does not define who you are, but what is in your heart and head do. At Trans-Border our core values are simple: integrity, can do attitude, responsibility and accountability, respect, commitment. Our values will never change but how we express and show those values to you will always be a constant change as we must change with regards to needs, technology, environment, and regulations. As your partner, we look forward to “changing” together and assisting your company’s growth forward.

By the way–I did a little survey here…63% of the employees here have tattoos (see some pictures below) and 21% have piercings, not including ears (no pictures for these!)

Thank you for your support and have a Freight Day!!
– Jeff  Millens
Chief Operating Officer
Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.




At the start of 2017, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc. created a new Director Team. The Team is designed to utilize their industry knowledge, passion, and commitment and combine it with the technology required in today’s complex business world to make it happen! Learn more here


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