Stormy Lesperance: Customs House Brokerage Assistant Manager

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Maneuvering through the wickets of U.S. customs can often feel like a hurricane, one that Trans-Border’s Customs House Brokerage department has weathered many times. From changing tariffs to document reviews and rules of origin, our Brokerage department works tirelessly to clear our client’s cargo through customs. At the helm of that ship, steering our team to success, is none other than our Customs House Brokerage Assistant Manager — Stormy Lesperance.

Stormy began her career at Trans-Border in 2015 in the very department she now manages. Back then, Customs House Brokerage was a smaller team, allowing Stormy to experience the entire breadth of customs clearing. Four years later, Stormy runs a team of clearing specialists ensuring our client’s imports make it into the U.S. and to their destination.

Stormy is no freight newbie. Starting back in her hometown of Champlain, NY, Stormy has been working in brokerage and logistics since 1999. “Oddly enough,” Stormy recounts, “my former manager and future Trans-Border referrer is sister to Bill Carey [Trans-Border’s import compliance manager].” The logistics world is truly a small one, it seems.

Advancing rapidly through the logistics departments of several organizations, Stormy eventually left her position to return to her education. Initially majoring in nursing, Stormy graduated in 2012 with a degree in marketing and business. “I couldn’t pass phlebotomy,” Stormy explains for her switch out of the nursing program, “needles are the worst.”

We are so thankful Stormy found her way to Trans-Border, and she credits the people she works with every day for getting her out of bed in the morning. “It’s like coming home,” Stormy says, going on to explain the comfort and ease she feels amongst her teammates and colleagues. “I’m still searching for my inspiration,” she continues, “but that’s a great start for me.”

If Stormy could go back and do it all again, she would want to become a professional dancer. And, we’re not talking ballet, either — to this day, Stormy wonders if she might have had a shot at making it in a Janet Jackson music video.

All of us at Trans-Border truly appreciate Stormy and all of the hard work she contributes each day. If you have any questions about customs brokerage or Janet Jackson’s ‘90s hits, don’t hesitate to reach out to Stormy at