Saratoga WarHorse

 In Charities, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.

Many of our employees at Trans-Border10896707 share a love for horses, as we are one of New York’s top destinations for Horse Racing. We were approached by an internal employee who has a connection with this charity and felt it was a great way to give back to the community whilst supporting our love for all things horse.

Saratoga WarHorse offers veterans a three-day experience that has proven to be effective and invaluable for those struggling to adjust to life after military service. The program is provided at no cost to the veterans. Through our Connection Process, an interactive experience is created between off-the-track Thoroughbreds and veterans. By utilizing the silent language of the horse, a mutual trust and profound bond is established that goes beyond verbal communication. Trans-Border has generously donated $500 to support a WarHorse in Saratoga Springs, NY. Click here for more info on SaratogaWarhorse!