Quarterly Newsletter: Couches and Banks

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Couches and Banks

Couches: Well after 8 years, 5 kids, 1 wife and 6 dogs I decided it was time to get a new couch for my “man” room. The micro-fiber couch had served me well for 8 years, but the odors coming out of it could not be contained (or accurately described) by a mixture of Febreze, incense and candles. So I set out to buy a new leather sectional that reclined and had cup holders.

After much searching (5 furniture stores) I believe I had found the one that was perfect for me….yippee!! It was great, but my last concern was whether the cup holders were big enough to hold my drink? I debated about this with the salesperson Gina and she came up with the idea to go home and come back tomorrow with the glass that I had my nightly drink with. Wow !! – Now that was a great idea. I went home and came back the next day and the cup holders were just perfect. I bought the sectional and love it.

Bottom line – in business, thinking creatively to help people make the right decisions is what makes a company exceptional…at Trans-Border we work directly with our customers to creatively assist you in evaluating options to make your business more efficient.

Banks: The other day I went to the drive-thru at the bank…I needed money. Uh – oh my card did not work. I parked my car and went inside to find out what the problem was. The bank told me they had made enhancements to their software to better service their customers and my card needed to be updated. So my card was updated and the bank manager came with me to the ATM to show me how the new screens would work…this was nice. After inserting the card in order for me to get money I now had to drill down 3 additional screens and remember another code. I asked him how this technological advancement helped me when it required me to do more work and remember more things!! He had no idea, laughed with me and we both shook our heads.

Bottom line – when a business makes improvements they should always be with the customer in mind, not the business. At Trans-Border we are in the middle of implementing a new software update that will provide you with more data, more reports, more documents, and more information so together we can make the best decision for your business. The new software is on target for July 1st, 2013 – we will keep you informed.

Take care…Jeff


Employee of the Year
Congratulations Mark Schmidt, Director of Operations, on winning Employee of the Year for 2012! This entitled him to a $1,000 bonus!

Employee of the Quarter
Congratulations Dave Usherfrom Export Pricing for winning Employee of the Quarter! This entitled him to a $500 bonus and the prime front row parking space!

Congratulations and thank you Lisa Howard, Import Pricing & Routing Manager, for your 15 years with Trans-Border! We look forward to the many years to come!

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Jeans for Charity 
This past quarter, we have donated over $1,000 to the following charities: The Clare Family, Coaches for Charity Game, and St. Baldricks Foundation.

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