Quarterly Newsletter: Resolutions are NOT Solutions!

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So is this going to be another newsletter about New Year’s resolutions? Nope! I made a resolution not to write about resolutions! I read a study that said 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% keep them. In business that would be like making commitments and promises to customers, but not following through with them. In a short period of time you would be out of business. Life and business are not about resolutions we don’t keep, but are about the values and morals we live by.

We all have a core set of values that become part of our daily life and our moral code. The core values at Trans-Border are:

These core values are not PART of how we operate – they ARE how we operate. We may not get every quote. We may not be “on time” 100% of the time (we are at 99.2%). We may not be perfect (we try!).  But we will always follow our core values at all times, in all situations, and in all relationships every day.

Life changes for all of us – this is reality. We get married, get a dog, have kids, get a new job, make new friends, move, kids get older, we get older, develop new interests, etc. Many things will change in life, but our core values will always define us.

I have included an email a customer sent to me as the business she was working at was closing and moving to Oklahoma. She has agreed to let me share this:

I just wanted to say thank you for coming in to see us and it was great to see you. Laurie and I have always enjoyed your visits.
Thank you and all the crew at Trans-Border for your support over the years. I sent Sincerity and Kyle their own emails because I worked with them the most.  However, please let EVERYONE at Trans-Border know how much I have appreciated them and their help. 
Please share with your staff:
To all of you at TBGFS:
As most of you know, Friday is my last day at Clear Edge. Over my 15 year career here, there has been no vendor as AWESOME as Trans-Border. 
When I was hired at Clear Edge, (then known as SCAPA, later Madison Filter, then Clear Edge) I knew absolutely NOTHING about shipping, freight, logistics, etc.  In my 20’s, yes that long ago, my focus was in Accounting. I had just turned 30 years old and wanted a change in my career. I left a job in payable’s with a non profit organization to take a position as a Shipping Clerk here. It was quite a change for me. My hope was I would have more opportunities for advance.  And I was right.  I am ending my career here as Logistics/Traffic Manager for both import and export, head of my department. I could not have come this far without the support of all of you at Trans-Border.
Whenever I had a question or needed some advice, Trans-Border was always there to help. I have called many of you over the years and asked for guidance. Your expertise allowed me to learn and do my job well, for that I am forever appreciative.
All of you from domestic to international, export to import, ocean to air, you have all been there for me with your support. I will truly cherish the friendships I have formed with you over the years.
Thanks again and enjoy the Holiday Season.
Take care,
Jennifer Decker
Logistics/Traffic Manager
Clear Edge Filtration

Jennifer – thanks for allowing me to share this.

Instead of making resolutions why not just follow your core values? At Trans-Border, the core values are not something just written on a piece of paper, but are part of the Trans-Border Difference!!

Have a healthy & happy New Year
– Jeff