Letter from Jeff – Quarterly Newsletter Q1 2023

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Predictions & Resolutions – Not Today !!

Welcome to 2023 and enjoy the ride. It seems like as we head into a New Year I see all of these predictions, resolutions and changes that people are predicting and want to take…blah, blah, blah 😊. Did I just write that ? I sure did and I apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings. As I get a bit older I was supposed to get more patience, but in fact I have less !

I have less patience for:

  1. Jeff MillensPeople who talk about things, but never do them
  2. People who are not respectful to others – doesn’t mean you have to agree with all thoughts…just respectfully communicate
  3. Poor service – it is everywhere !!…look at your receipts, watch your $$$
  4. Predicting doom – what a sad way to move into the future
  5. People who like to talk about problems, but offer no resolutions or thought towards resolutions

I have patience for:

  1. The doers who may not always succeed, but at least do !
  2. Respectful people who listen & communicate
  3. Someone with a positive attitude, but is in training at a new position
  4. Positive energy & thought
  5. Problem solvers

Ok, enough – take a moment and let’s realize how blessed we all are. For some that may be health, for others that may be goals that have been achieved – personal or business….no matter what it is maybe we all need to be more patient with each other as we move into 2023.  I am working on becoming more patient as I realize patience will increase my mental health, make me a better friend, improve my physical health and help me achieve goals.

At Trans-Border we realize the last couple of years have been difficult for all involved in the logistical world. We can offer no promises or guarantees as to what is going to happen in 2023 – who can ? What we can control is the patience needed to move forward and continue building better relationships with all involved in the ever changing world of logistics. I do know that in 2023 together we can all accomplish great things. Now lets go do it !!

Peace & Love – Jeff


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