Quarterly Newsletter – October

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User ID & Passwords…OUCHY!

My brain hurts – family, friends, business, life…just when you think you have finished your “To Do” List, something else pops up! Everywhere I go either physically or in the computer world, I am now required to have a USER ID and PASSWORD.

I go to the grocery store – “where’s your advantage card”…I go to the convenience store “where’s your milk card”…I go to the Pharmacy “what’s your Plenti Pin Code”. Oh, my – isn’t there an easier way?

I go online to my credit card, bank, cell phone service, garbage service, car payment, hotel booking, rental car company, etc.. – they need my USER ID & PASSWORD – isn’t there an easier way. The stress to remember all of this information is really tough. I am trying to focus on what’s important such as my backswing in golf (weight shift) or what type of Vodka (Tito’s) I can get for my gluten-free friends’ party. Oh, my – isn’t there an easier way?

There is an easier way, it’s called Trans-Border, which in Logistics Language when translated into English means “Easy to work with!” It’s true; look it up! Trans-Border is “easy to work with”. We are very detail oriented, very strict when it comes to compliance, and freaks (in a good way) when it comes to communication and movement of data. We don’t tell you to choose from option A, B or C…We ask what would make your life and business easier for you.

When you call in and get our receptionist, Ellen, we do not ask for your USER ID and PASSWORD or even your account number—just your name and the company you are calling from—that’s easy to remember! We are real people dealing with real people with the goal to solve problems together, offer options & solutions fit your specific need. Go to our website and see who you are working with: www.tbgfs.com

At Trans-Border, we always remember that you are the customer. We know that at times the world of logistics can be complicated, but our goal is to make the experience easy, efficient and beneficial to your business. Last thought—goodbye summer and hello fall—in this life, we have to enjoy it all!

Take care & thank you,
Jeff Millens



The Giving Circle and Trans-Border teamed up to collect donations and send two truckloads of relief goods to hurricane victims.  In addition to helping collect the goods, we also took care of the cost to get the trucks down south – #WeGive2Trucks!  One truck went to Florida and the other to Houston. With $1,344 raised, we were able to purchase these: