Quarterly Newsletter – October 2016

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I’m a N.Y. Jets Fan…. Laugh or Cry!

jetsWell I thought it was going to be the year and now we have a record of two wins and five losses.  Ever since I was a kid and wore my Joe Namath jersey in my backyard I have loved the N.Y. Jets – what a curse !!  I have negotiated three hours a week of “me” time to watch the games – not easy with 5 kids, 1 wife and 2 dogs.  When the game is on I pace – I throw things – I jump – I cry…I basically forget everything when the game is on, except the game.  The problem is that the N.Y. Jets have not won a Super Bowl since January 12th, 1969 – I was not even 2 years old yet…so I don’t remember that blessed day. I have bestowed the love of the Jets on my children and for that I apologize on a weekly basis.  When you are a Jets fan you are always waiting for something bad to happen – what a way to live !!

So – what does this have to do with freight? Well at the beginning of the season, the Jets looked great on paper and all the experts were picking them to have a great season – yahoo! I was excited they looked great and when you saw the roster – they should be great! But in reality, they stink again. In logistics things may look good on paper, but in reality they are not so great. For example you get a low, low freight rate that looks great on paper, but is it really that great?

  1. Is that freight correctly routed or does it have a long transit time or high chance of delay as it has multiple connections?
  2. Does the carrier have a low damage rate or is it a low cost – low service provider?
  3. Does the rate have the backing of a company offering  compliance support and business guidance?
  4. Does the rate offer constant monitoring and tracking of all milestones to provide you awareness to make critical business decisions?
  5. Does the rate have the honesty and integrity that the bill will match the rate?

photoI could write more, but the reality is that a rate is nothing but a number on a piece of paper if it is not backed up with quality customer service, compliance support, industry experience and a company that stands behind its product with moral character. At Trans-Border we understand the importance of the number on a piece of paper, but more importantly we understand the faith you place in us to handle your valuable shipments and will not sacrifice quality. We are people dealing with people – you are not an account number, you are a valued client putting your belief in us. We are your valued partner looking to assist you in your business, its daily operations and growth.

I really hope the Jets win this weekend because I am a happier guy when they do (ask my wife!) They are favored on paper, but who knows – that is just what is written down. The game still must be played. Players need to catch the ball, not fumble, make the right decisions, sack the quarterback – they need to make plays! At Trans-Border we make the play every day as we back up our rates by making it happen in the logistics world. We don’t fumble the ball – we score touchdowns and will help you get to the Super Bowl.

Thank you to all of the Trans-Border fans out there and to those who are thinking about becoming a fan –Jump On Board!!