Quarterly Newsletter – July 2015

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Well the other night we had a party at the house and I was on “grill duty”….warm & sweaty, but very good for 20 to 30 minutes of peace (and beer) when you have 20 adults and 40 kids running around your house. Tonight’s dinner was smoked chicken legs and sausage – sounds good. I have found that to cook sausage on the grill correctly you have to slow cook or they can be charred on the outside, but raw inside. Well on this night as I was cooking the sausage they would not cook evenly as they were round links and would not stay in position. So I said to myself why can’t someone make this easier and make rectangle links.  Why can’t someone make it easier!  Why can’t someone make it easier! Why can’t someone make it easier! Oh – sorry the heat at the grill made me a bit crazy. Enclosed find artist’s rendition of round link vs a rectangular link…

Untitled-1 copy

Well at Trans-Border we understand our job is to make it easier for you and everything we do is with the goal to make the process of logistics as easy as possible:

• Real live receptionist !! – that’s right no voice mail…yippee a person…how crazy EASY is that…

• Quotes you can read without spending an hour looking at the fine print – EASY to understand…no games, just facts!

• Shipping Details formatted consistently and EASY to read, for you and your customer…sent directly to you via email rather than you having to search for it online…

• We tailor everything ( reports, web tracking, etc..) specifically for you – how EASY is that?…we fit our service to you…

• Invoices – clear, concise, accurate and match the quote – that makes life EASY!

Just as we don’t want to burn our sausages on the grill – we never want to burn you our valued customer. Our goal is to make this complex, sometimes frustrating, but incredibly important world of logistics easy for you. We like to consider ourselves the missing link in the world of logistics…. or at least the rectangular link in the world of sausage!   Wishing everyone a fantastic summer and best of luck on the grill.





Jeffrey Millens
Executive Vice President

  Are We YOUR Missing Link?