Quarterly Newsletter: The Human Effect

 In Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc., Trans-Border Times

The summer is upon us and things seem to get a bit crazy. The days go quick and there is never enough time. Sometimes we all need to slow down –  live, experience and enjoy life.

Why don’t people smile more? It feels good to smile and to see someone smiling. Close your eyes, see people’s faces in your life – who is smiling? Spend more time with the smilers.

It is important to get out of your comfort zone – it’s uncomfortable, but it will allow you to grow as a person. We all need to get a bit more uncomfortable. It takes effort, but life is about putting effort to the right things.

Keep things simple. It sounds so easy, but why is it so hard to do? Let’s stop over-complicating things. There is value in simplicity.

Communication – can we get back to talking at some point? There is nothing wrong with Old School. Hearing a voice, seeing a look in someone’s eye – seems much better than email or texting.

Laughter – what an energy boost! At times we have to cry, this is reality as things happen. Laugh more with friends, family and co-workers, let’s not forget to have fun…yup we have to work, but we still need to have fun!

At Trans-Border we value and appreciate the uniqueness of the human spirit. We are all different and that is great. We all possess different skill sets and that is great. We all have different beliefs and that is great. We all have different realities and that is great.

Bottom Line – we are all different, but when we come inside these 4 walls we have a common goal to provide the best logistic experience in the industry to you our valued clients. At Trans-Border we embrace the differences because when working together they provide what we call the Trans-Border Difference! Let’s all get connected – smile, push ourselves, keep things simple, communicate and laugh as we are people working with people to get things done. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Take care,
Jeffrey M. Millens