Quarterly Newsletter: Hello 2015!

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Life can be FRUSTRATING!

and West Coast Ports OH MY…

On Christmas morning I came down stairs early (5:30 am), let my 8 month old Wheaton Terrier out, then back in and went to make a cup of coffee. I came out to notice the dog had proceeded to jump on the couch and eat a whole box of chocolates. Within the next 20 minutes he threw up about 6 times all over the house – it was disgusting!  My daughter quickly helped me clean it all up before my wife noticed, but I was FRUSTRATED!

A week ago my 17 year old son, before driving to school, did not take the time to properly defrost his windshield and make sure the wiper blades were clean even after I told him twice to check! Then on the way to school he drove into a snow bank and cracked his front bumper. He told me that crazy glue would fix it – hmm.  We got 3 estimates and he now has a bill to pay for over $1400…I was FRUSTRATED!

The situation out on the West Coast in regard to the slowdown and delays at the port have been effecting us all significantly. The time and money that we are all losing, plus the increase in stress is not good.  Shipments delaying production by 2 to 3 weeks if not more, having to choose more expensive routings because of the transit concerns – it’s all crazy. For all of us this situation has been a real pain point and we are all FRUSTRATED!

OK – so now that we can confirm that in some way we all run into situations in life which are frustrating and we all have business situations which are frustrating what are we do to? We focus on what we can control…..what?  We focus on what we can control….yes – what a great idea. Take a look at the picture below and think about it…a picture says a 1000 words they say!

At Trans-Border we understand that logistics can be frustrating so we make it our mission to keep you informed on all aspects of a shipment so you are aware. At Trans-Border we understand that it is our responsibility as your partner to offer you options & alternatives to alleviate your frustrations. At Trans-Border we cannot control the world, but we can control information flow on what is important to your supply chains and customer service needs. Down with frustration and up with information!

Whoops – got to go! Just got a text from my 15 year old. Seems like his friend shot a bb gun through my glass basketball backboard….back to frustration!







Take care – Jeffrey M. Millens
PS- all of this is TRUE! Life sure is crazy sometimes…