Quarterly Newsletter: Family Pictures

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Family Pictures – Oh so fun!!

Well I had the good fortune of having family pictures taken last night. As you can imagine my 5 kids were just so delighted about having to take an hour and ½ from 6:30 to 8pm to get their pictures taken.  It seems my wife bid on this package at a charity fundraiser so we had to get this done, but that is another story.
Trying to get 5 kids to smile, jump, tickle each other, hug and get cheek to cheek might have been easy when they were toddlers, but with 3, soon to be 4 teenagers who have a mind of their own – not so easy.  We survived based on the fact that we promised to get Moe’s for dinner afterwards.  Rest assured, I am not writing to tell you about family pictures- please experience this on your own.  I am writing to talk about how we are all unique & different, and that is great!
At the beginning of our photography session the photographer asked me to define the kids personalities in 5 words or less…so I did.  Please note she did not ask me to define my wife’s!!  So I preceded to give the following: Son 1 – relaxed, Son 2 – competitive, Daughter – tough, but sweet, Son 3 – analytical & a thinker, Son 5 – lives in the moment.  5 kids all completely different – yet same house, same parents, etc..  So what does this have to do with freight?!
We are all unique as people and we are all unique in what needs and/or requirements our business has.  At Trans-Border each customer is unique, special, and a “real” person – not just an account number who receives generic service.  We offer our services specifically tailored to your needs – because we are all different.  We build a profile – listen to your specific requests and develop a program to bring efficiency, compliance, time and cost savings to the situation.  We encourage our customers to help us understand what they need from a business perspective so we can meet that, not have you fit into option A, B, or C.
We have put in place a brand new software system that allows us to provide reports/spreadsheets at any time delivered to you with over 300 data fields if you require….or just 12 if you desire.  Pick the data, pick the order, pick the frequency – pick the way that we can assist you in bring efficiency to the logistics world.
They say a picture lasts forever – well so does the feeling of quality service & support.  At Trans-Border we realize that we want our picture to be one that values relationships and reflects the reality we are all different.  Different is good and different is real.  Enjoy the summer!!
Thanks – Jeff


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