Quarterly Newsletter: Can We Talk?

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When I go to visit most companies, there is no longer a receptionist. Just an empty chair where someone used to meet and greet guests. When I call a company, there is an electronic voice attendant telling you to hit a number; there is no longer someone saying “hello”. When I go to the bank, they want you to do everything through the ATM and sometimes will even charge you more if you communicate with a human. When I go out to dinner with my family and look around at other tables, I see everyone with their heads down texting or surfing,  yet there are people right in front of them. Our family rule is no electronics at the table or in a car ride less than an hour.

What happened to people talking to people? What a crazy idea!! The ability to communicate, problem solve, listen and get to know someone definitely increases when you talk to people. So why don’t more people talk to each other? My thought is because it takes moreeffort, energy and it forces you to actually get“engaged” in the process of communication.

At Trans-Border we love to talk to you. We have a receptionist. We have no voice mail. We call to discuss issues or concerns –  we don’t hide behind an email. Oureffort is all about putting energy towards “engaging”you in the process of how we can provide a logistic solution that increases your efficiency. We want your phone calls. We want to make an onsite visit to discuss new ideas. We want you to sign up for our free webinars. We communicate with passion and energy, because we care enough about your valuable business to actually want to talk to you about it. Simple, straight forward, and real.

So on behalf of  everyone at Trans-Border I just wanted to say “hello” to you (insert voice here). We are a dedicated group of 64 people who greatly appreciate the support many of you have shown us – thank you. To those of you who we are just starting a relationship with, we look forward to working with you in the future and earning your support. To all of you  – we look forward to “talking” with you real soon.

Jeffrey M. Millens
Executive Vice President

Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations Terrence Rusch from Air Export Operations for winning Employee of the Quarter! This entitles him to a $500 bonus and the prime front row parking space!

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This quarter we have donated over $1,000 to local charities.

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  • Dianne Klamm (14 years)
  • Jeff Reilly (1 year)
  • Jon Mongin (1 year)
  • Yateen Patel (3 years)
  • Maggie Zmuda (2 years)
  • Kyle Howard (12 years)


  • Allison Burak (8 years)
  • Terry Sproat (4 years)


  • Mark Schmidt (2 years)
  • Siobhan Wallace (4 years)
  • Brunilda Mecollari (2 years)