Quarterly Newsletter – April 2016

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Listen To The Music

I Want You to Want Me……
now that was a great song I remember listening to in the late 70’s on Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan Album (second song on side two to be exact). I was 12, it was vinyl and it was classic. Back in the day, I had ELO, Journey, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Styx, Billy Joel and The Eagles albums, and they were all great. Then came cd’s, then mp3’s, then Youtube, and then the album was dead.

2f9466d0-43d7-4426-93b0-36401f6ab9beWait !!…My 17-year-old son has a record player and has been buying new and used albums all the time.  He is coming home with The Beatles, Cream, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc…(I am one proud Dad!) And he is not alone, as many of his friends are doing the same and lately, record sales are on the rise…weird? What happened? Why are people going back to albums? Well it seems that people are realizing that even though downloading may be so called “easier” , they’re actually missing out on the quality of the music on an album. They are missing out on the experience of playing a whole album from beginning to end. They are missing out on reading the words and the liner notes. They are missing the creativity and artistry of the album cover. Bottom line – they are missing the experience!!

334b0e1a-7f4d-4ba9-b7dd-b22d77480023Trans-Border is an experience and we are classic just like those great albums. To us, it is more than just moving the shipment. It’s about the relationship with you–our valued customers. It’s about the trust you have in us to provide compliance support. It’s about the communication (talking!) to solve problems together and discuss opportunities. It’s about reacting quickly, accurately and professionally to your critical needs. It’s about what we call the “Trans-Border Experience”.

We love to utilize technology, but we will never forget the most important part – which is the human element. Kids today are realizing that music is more than just a song that is downloaded. We have always realized that our values are necessary to create an album full of quality experiences. It is more than moving something from point A to point B, it is about quality and integrity. So go out and grab some vinyl, look at the cover art, read the liner notes and play some classic rock…..it is called classic for a reason.