Quarterly Newsletter: I Don’t Like Shakespeare, But I LOVE Freight!!

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July 2013 Quarterly Newsletter

I Don’t Like Shakespeare,
But I LOVE Freight!!

So the other day my 15 year old was telling me about reading Shakespeare in school and how difficult he thought it was. I told him honestly that I never liked Shakespeare as I would read a passage 4 times and still have no idea what I just read. Maybe, just maybe I am not cultured enough to enjoy the finer things in life – booo hoooo!!! Maybe in life if we:
1)      Made things a little simpler – we could enjoy them more
2)      Made our own judgments based on our own experience – we would make better choices

At Trans-Border our goal is to communicate vital information to you so you can make business decisions in a form that is simple, concise, easy to read and accurate. We don’t want you to have to read Shakespeare to understand where your freight is and the status of your critical shipments. Our business is complex, detail oriented and data driven. We are committed to providing you the best service in the industry with an approach that delivers information in a way that is easy to read and understand.  If you want Shakespeare just let us know – we can do that too!!

Give us a shot to handle your business…you will not be disappointed!! We are big enough to see, small enough to hear and sized just perfectly to service your business. What does that mean? We are big enough to have the buying power needed to get you the rates you require, small enough to listen to your business requirements and sized perfectly with our experience and technology to quickly provide the highest level service in the industry. Talk to people not machines, build relationships and realize the human element still exists – right here at Trans-Border!! Bottom line – make your own judgments based on your experience. At Trans-Border we call thatthe Trans-Border Difference.

Well we are half way through summer and it seems like there is not enough time. I do know that with my time I want to keep things simple so that I can spend my time enjoying life rather than over-thinking things. I also know that I want to make my own decisions based on experiences because time & life move fast and we enjoy it more when we make decisions with our own positive attitude.

Thank you to everyone for your support!! We love freight and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you!! Go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, sit on porch and watch the birds, etc….enjoy life.

Regards, Jeff

Employee of the Quarter

Congratulations Suada Garcia from Import Operations for winning Employee of the Quarter! This entitles her to a $500 bonus and the prime front row parking space!

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Jeans for Charity
This quarter we have donated over $1,000 to local charities.

Oklahoma Tornado Relief
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Congratulations to Dan Hollenbeck (5 years), Bruce Bradshaw (8 years), Jackie Tufano (1 year), and Pia Kadtke (1 year)!