Qatar Customs To Implement Mandatory Palletization Requirement

 In Industry Insider, Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc.

The Customs Authorities of Qatar have announced that all import shipments into Qatar (air, LCL and FCL shipments)must be palletized effective immediately. Please find below the penalties for non-palletized cargo:

• FIRST TIME VIOLATION – all cargo received without a pallet will incur a USD$138.00 penalty, which will be to the account of the importer/consignee. In addition, they must provide a letter to Qatar Customs stating that this violation will not occur again.

• SECOND VIOLATION– Penalty will increase to USD $275.00. In addition, a letter must still be provided to Qatar Customs stating that this violation will not occur again.

• THIRD VIOLATION – Penalty will remain at USD $275.00 but the importer/consignee’s import license will be blocked.

Cargo considered out-of-gauge that will move in special equipment (like flat-rack containers, etc.), are considered to be subject to the same requirements. However, it is not known at this time if special cargo such as break-bulk goods, self-propelled vehicles, or any general over-sized cargo will be subject to the same requirements, since this is dependent on the type of cargo, size, weight, etc.

As always, please be sure to communicate with your customer on these requirements prior to shipping to avoid any unnecessary delays or costs to your Qatar customer.

If you have any additional questions about this new requirement, please contact Yateen Patel via email or by calling 800-493-9444.



Published 5/27/2015