October 2015 Quarterly Newsletter

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Drivers Test: Pressure & Accountability….hmm, Logistics

For the last four to six months, I have been in the passenger seat gripping tightly on to the door handle as my 16 year-old son prepares for his driving test – keeping my eyes open most of the time.  For those who have been through this process you understand exactly what I am talking about…as this child who was your baby (and in a “blink” of an eye) is driving with you down a highway at 65 MPH!  For those who have not had this pleasure yet, be patient…it will come one day. Look at your kids and realize that soon enough they will be driving a 4-5,000 pound piece of metal down a road – crazy thought, but true!


Pressure in this situation is both with my son and I. My son to drive correctly and follow the laws. Pressure is with me to teach him to drive without freaking out and in fact trying to keep him calm and the situation in control. In the exciting world of logistics we realize that together, you as the customer and us as your logistics partner face pressure.  Pressure of time, of regulations, of difficulty getting firm information. Pressure, pressure, pressure!!! Our job is to relieve your pressure, educate and inform on issues while helping you achieve your desired results.


4b5c30b9-2242-4cb2-8297-71f707294d52As for accountability, my son will either pass or fail his test…there is nothing in-between.  He will be held accountable for his actions on the test.  In logistics we (you and us) are held accountable by each other, your customers and the government. Are we following government regulations? Does the shipment arrive without damage? Is transit in the required time and is information communicated timely? We are all accountable and judged on how we perform – not how we tried to perform. We either pass or fail–true accountability.

The test is tomorrow morning at 9 am and I will be taking him. Tonight when I get home, we have another two hours of driving and 12 parallel parking practices. He will be prepared and we will see how he works under pressure as he will be accountable for his actions. At Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc. we are very comfortable handling pressure and are always accountable for our actions.  Although we took our tests a long time ago, we DO realize every day is a test and we have been trained to pass.

Let’s go for a ride together !



Jeffrey Millens
Executive Vice President

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