Industry News

Congestion Dwell Fee at POLB & POLA

UPDATE 8/3 – The ports have announced another delay on the congestion dwell fee. This news comes as the ports have continued to see a decrease in stagnant containers. The ports will continue to monitor their data, postponing to August 26th. This additional delay fuels speculation that the fee will not be assessed at all. […]

Lufthansa Strikes Cancel More Than 1,000 Flights

Trans-Border wishes to alert the community that the ground staff at Deutsche Lufthansa went on strike early this morning, prompting the cancellation of more than 1,000 flights. The strike is expected to last until 6 a.m. CET on Thursday, July 28th. These strikes may cause your cargo to be delayed. Trans-Border will continue to monitor this […]

Strikes at German Ports to Begin 7/14

German dockers confirmed a second-round strike that will occur in the key container hubs of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, and Wilhelmshaven as wage negotiations with employers failed to reach an agreement. The dockers will stop work from 6:00 am CET, Thursday 14th July until 6:00 am CET Saturday, 16th July. These strikes may cause container availability to be […]

Company News

Letter from Jeff – Quarterly Newsletter Q3 2022

Are You Smiling? by Jeff Millens I hope you are smiling, but I do know at times there are reasons not to be. We can all get stuck in issues such as, inflation/fuel prices/recession – not fun, but real. Today’s world is a bit complex, confusing, stressful, and sometimes it just isn’t fun. In transportation, we are ALL still dealing […]

Welcome to Trans-Border, Jose Garcia

Everyone please welcome the newest member of our customs house brokerage team — Jose Garcia! Jose is an experienced professional who is excited to start his new role at Trans-Border. Jose grew up in Saratoga and has several years of experience in retail management and customer service. In his new role here, he is looking forward […]

Welcome to Trans-Border, Loretta Roddy

Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our export operations team – Loretta Roddy! Loretta is excited to begin her role here at Trans-Border as it is her first step into the world of freight forwarding! Loretta grew up in the Saratoga Springs, NY region and has a four-year-old daughter. In college, […]

Welcome to Trans-Border, Reba Leahy

Please give a hearty hello to the newest member of our IT team – Reba Leahy! Reba comes to Trans-Border with a background in computer science. Reba is from Long Island and has lived all over New York State; from Ithaca to Plattsburgh to the Capital Region. She has degrees in TV & Video Production […]