Welcome to Trans-Border, Yousaf Masih!

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our import operations team – Yousaf Masih! Yousaf comes to Trans-Border with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the logistics industry.

Yousaf was born and raised in Pakistan. He completed his studies and began his career in the supply chain industry there. Yousaf always had an interest in logistics and started his career off as a logistics manager. In 2010 Yousaf partnered with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and moved to Albany. He spent a few years in operations and financial management at MEISHA. In 2014 Yousaf moved on to Southwest Airlines as a ground operations officer and complaint resolution officer. Like most people, Yousaf does not enjoy conflicts but he does “love to resolve them.”

While Yousaf enjoyed his time at Southwest, he was looking to spend more time with his beautiful family – that’s where Trans-Border comes in. Yousaf is thrilled to be able to bring his experience and utilize his skills here in the imports department. He is no stranger to the ever changing world of logistics, in fact he welcomes each new challenge with a desire to learn and grow.

Yousaf has a deep faith and is inspired by the Word of God, the life of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. His faith is not just something he simply believes in but truly values and loves to share. Yousaf has two daughters, 17 and 14, and two sons, 11 and 9. He spends time encouraging his children to be the best versions of themselves. Yousaf himself practices what he preaches and is constantly finding ways to gain more knowledge. When he is not working or investing in his children Yousaf enjoys reading and playing pool or cricket.

We are very excited to have Yousaf at Trans-Border! Stop by Yousaf’s desk or drop him a welcome message at ymasih@tbgfs.com.