Welcome to Trans-Border, Tiffiny Came!

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Please give a hearty hello to the newest member of our import operations team – Tiffiny Came! Tiffiny comes to Trans-Border with over 20 years of customer service experience.

Tiffiny grew up living in an 1800s farm house out in “the middle of nowehere” Berlin, NY. She spent several years working in all types of customer service from unpacking boxes in a warehouse to managing a retail store. During her professional experiences she has “seen the worst of things, but also the best of things!” Tiffiny is inspired by her beautiful two year old daughter and is motivated to be a good example for her.

For the last ten years she has been a dispatcher for a trash company just one mile down the road from Trans-Border! Being a dispatcher gave Tiffiny the opportunity to become an expert at multi-tasking and she jokes that her headstone will read “World’s Best Multi-Tasker.” She is really looking forward to learning a whole new industry now that she is a part of our imports department.

Tiffiny is a self proclaimed dork and absolutely loves history. Her favorite channel is PBS and her favorite place to go is the library! She enjoys visiting local battle fields and historical homes, such as Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, VT – yes the Lincoln family as in the United States’ 16th President, Abraham. Tiffiny has a deep appreciation for hsitory and believes that it is important to know where we came from.

We are very excited to have Tiffiny at Trans-Border! Stop by Tiffiny’s desk or drop her a welcome message at tcame@tbgfs.com.