Welcome to Trans-Border, Sandra Retell

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Everyone please welcome the newest member of our import operations team — Sandra Retell! Sandra is excited to begin her role here at Trans-Border as it is her first step into the world of freight forwarding!

Sandra is born and raised in the Capital region, more specifically the Malta/Saratoga area. Before coming to Trans-Border she spend 21 years in the RV Industry, starting in sales and eventually moving to inventory. Sandra is excited to enter this new chapter and learn about a whole new industry altogether.

In her free time Sandra can be found relaxing by the lake or out on her pontoon boat. She has two kids and married her husband of 16 years in the Bahamas. Sandra’s favorite genre of music is classic rock. If she could travel to a time or place, real or fictional then she would travel to the medieval times, and no not the restaurant chain. If Sandra had a superpower it would be to read minds, she even had her kids once convinced that she could. When younger her kids believed she really did have eyes on the back of her head and that she could read minds.

Fun fact about Sandra is that she grew up in an octagon house that her dad built.

We are happy to have Sandra at Trans-Border! Stop by Sandra’s desk or drop him a welcome message at sretell@tbgfs.com.