Welcome to Trans-Border, Rob Van Dine!

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Meet our newest team member Robert Van Dine! Originally hailing from Huntersville, Pennsylvania, our team member found their way to the Capital Region in 2021 due to a job relocation. Rob has a background in logistics since 2009 and is excited to continue his journey in the Freight Forwarding world.

Currently residing with a fluffy 5-year-old kitten named Bruce, Rob enjoys cooking, outdoor activities. Rob’s favorite food is smoked beef brisket, and he has have a unique taste for obscure doo-wop records. He is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy genres. When asked about superpowers, Rob said he would want teleportation to cut down on that morning commute. If stranded on an island, Rob said the three things he would bring with him would be a water desalinator, a machete, and a fishing pole. If Rob had a boat he would name it “The Unsinkable III,” which he probably bought after the book about his life titled ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ became a best seller.

“Do unto others” is Robs personal motto. Welcome to the team Rob! 😁 We are happy to have Rob at Trans-Border! Stop by Rob’s desk or drop him a welcome message at rvandine@tbgfs.com.