Welcome to Trans-Border, Reba Leahy

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Please give a hearty hello to the newest member of our IT team – Reba Leahy! Reba comes to Trans-Border with a background in computer science.

Reba is from Long Island and has lived all over New York State; from Ithaca to Plattsburgh to the Capital Region. She has degrees in TV & Video Production as well as Computer Science. Reba is most excited to finally be working in her degree field. “It’s been great to jump right in and have the onboarding be so immersive,” Reba says.

In her free time Reba enjoys crafting, baking, and playing video games with her husband. Her best recipes include chocolate chip cookies (hers are never flat!), and Oreo balls. She listens to everything but her favorite genres of music are hard rock, alternative, country, and classics from 50s-90s. If she could have any superpower she would chose the ability to speak to animals and she doesn’t trust anyone who dislikes dogs. If she wrote a book about her life she would title it “It’s OK to Have Oreos for Breakfast Again.”

We are very excited to have Reba at Trans-Border! Stop by Reba’s desk or drop her a welcome message at rleahy@tbgfs.com.