Welcome to Trans-Border, Rachel Veitch!

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Everyone please give a warm welcome to our new Marketing Manager — Rachel Veitch! Rachel comes to Trans-Border eager to utilize her creativity in her new work environment.

Rachel was born and raised in Saratoga Springs, NY. After graduating from college with degrees in visual communications and journalism, Rachel spent some time working locally in the hospitality industry before moving to Tampa, FL. She then transferred her customer service skills into the healthcare field for several years. Working in healthcare during the global pandemic taught her how to be extremely flexible in an ever-changing and challenging work environment.

Rachel is a big Disney fan. From watching and loving the animated movies in her childhood to being a theme park passholder while residing in FL, Rachel has embraced the idea of Disney Magic and tries to infuse it into everyday life. She believes that each person can be the master of their own fate and choose joy no matter what life throws.

Rachel describes herself as “an all-in kind of person” which will serve her well in her new role at Trans-Border. She is thrilled to dive in to the world of supply chain. Rachel is also really looking forward to the Halloween party.

In her free time Rachel enjoys puzzles, board games, and reading. She loves being outdoors and has challenged herself to find new ways to be active in the winter months since returning to NY. As the pandemic restrictions lighten up, Rachel is most excited to travel again. Switzerland and Venice have been her favorite places to visit so far and she hopes to explore more of the U.S. Pacific Northwest in the future.

“I’m inspired by just living life,” Rachel concludes.

We are very excited to welcome Rachel to Trans-Border! Stop by Rachel’s desk or drop them a welcome message at rveitch@tbgfs.com.