Welcome to Trans-Border, Nicole Surani!

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our agent pricing & routing team – Nicole Surani! Nicole comes to Trans-Border with enthusiasm to start her new role in the logistics industry.

Nicole grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY. She lived in Denver for five years, enjoying the sunshine and amazing weather before returning home to spend more time with her family. Over the years Nicole has had experience in office administration and the hospitality industry. In her previous role, she did encounter the current supply chain issues, as she managed the beverage inventory and purchasing for the entire restaurant.

Nicole is bringing excitement and determination to her new role. She is most excited to find out more about “how the world runs.”  She looks forward to her days being filled with new, exciting, and challenging situations. So far, Nicole’s favorite part has been the opportunity to learn something completely different. She describes herself as “motivated, friendly, and honest.”

Nicole is a big believer in doing things that benefit your health and well-being. She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, skiing – really anything that gets her out in nature. Nicole loves to attend concerts, her favorite band to see live is Phish. Her favorite genre of music is disco!  She likes to travel and the best cities she has been to are New Orleans, “the perfect city,” and London. Once the pandemic is over, she is eager to visit Vietnam, mainly for the food! Nicole is inspired by things that bring happiness and joy into her life.

We are very excited to have Nicole at Trans-Border! Stop by Nicole’s desk or drop her a welcome message at nsurani@tbgfs.com.