Welcome to Trans-Border, Marcel Bruckmann!

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our export pricing team — Marcel Bruckmann! Marcel is an experienced professional in the European market and is excited to get his first role in both the U.S. and supply chain industry.

Marcel grew up in Germany outside Cologne, and lived there until just a few months ago when he moved to the United States. After meeting his Schenectady-native wife in Paris and an extended long distance relationship, he finally moved to the States. Prior to moving, Marcel received a degree in Wholesale Foreign Trade and worked in finance and accounting at a firm in Germany.

Now in the U.S., Marcel is excited to start his role in our export pricing department. “I’m most excited for the new challenges ahead and to meet a lot of new people,” Marcel explains. “Everyone has already been so nice and helpful,” he continues, “I’m really excited about the people.”

When Marcel is out of the office, he enjoys a host of hobbies — including photography! “I picked it up on a vacation once and now I love it,” he says, “I like to ‘capture the moment.’” He is also an avid soccer player and likes to play as often as he can.

We are very excited to welcome Marcel to Trans-Border! Drop Marcel a welcome message at mbruckmann@tbgfs.com.