Welcome to Trans-Border, Mahendra Jowaheer!

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our imports team — Mahendra Jowaheer! Mahendra comes to Trans-Border eager to expand his knowledge of the industry.

Mahendra is originally from Guyana, however, he grew up in the Bronx. He began his working career as a page at a library and continued to work a variety of retail jobs in college. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science from Mercy College. Before arriving at Trans-Border, Mahendra was working at his local airport for several years as a logistics coordinator specializing in Chinese imports and exports, as well as some domestic moves out of Alaska. He was even recently awarded Employee of the Month for his hard work and dedication in his former position.

While he knows it will initially be a challenge, Mahendra is looking forward to gaining new experience in other areas of logistics since his previous focus was in air. So far his colleagues have been the best part of Trans-Border! “Everyone is very nice,” he says, “they make it a good time.”

Mahendra likes to enjoy his free time by being creative. He enjoys art, specifically drawing and painting. Traveling is also a passion of his and he is looking forward to an upcoming trip back to Guyana. Mahendra wants everyone to know that he is not a fan of snakes, at all, not even on TV.

Mahendra is inspired by helping others which is why he gravitates towards customer service positions. If he can make a difference, “even in the smallest way” then he is happy.

We are very excited to welcome Mahendra to Trans-Border! Stop by Mahendra’s desk or drop him a welcome message at mjowaheer@tbgfs.com.