Welcome to Trans-Border, Lauren Millens

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Everyone please welcome the newest member of our Trans-Border team — Lauren Millens! Lauren is excited to begin her role here at Trans-Border as it is her first step into the world of freight forwarding!

Lauren grew up in Saratoga, she recently graduated from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut with a degree in sports management. While living in Connecticut she was worked with her own colleges football team before getting to interne with the NY Jets. When lauren is not working she is working out, she works out everyday and that includes lifting and deadlifting. She was even able to squat 235lbs. If she had superpowers she would want both invisibility and telepathy. Her favorite music is rap music and she currently really enjoys the rapper Lil Baby. Lauren says if she was on a deserted island she would want to have her phone, a book or two and a treadmill with her.

Lauren is excited to really break into the workforce since graduating and to start gaining experience and grow as a professional.

We are happy to have Lauren at Trans-Border! Stop by Lauren’s desk or drop her a welcome message at lmillens@tbgfs.com.