Welcome to Trans-Border, Humaira Shahzad!

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Please extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our import operations team – Humaira Shahzad! Humaira has nearly a decade of professional experience across industries and professions, and she is excited to start her new journey into freight forwarding.

Humaira, a native of Pakistan, holds certifications in both teaching and in information technology. Before moving to the U.S., Humaira spent nearly nine years teaching computer education to children and adults. She even had the distinct pleasure of teaching a group of nuns from a local convent!

In 2016, Humaira packed her bags and moved to the U.S. — excited to start her new adventure! She has held positions in retail and medical assisting since her arrival in the U.S. and is very excited to explore freight forwarding. “Many members of my family work in purchasing — supply chain is already in my blood,” Humaira explains, “I am most excited to learn about the larger supply chain from beginning to end.”

Humaira has already felt the comradery at Trans-Border in her first week. “Everyone is so helpful, there is always back-up when you have a problem,” she says.

Humaira is also a total baller… literally. “I can play any kind of game,” she begins. “Sports, I love sports. Any kind of sport — basketball, football, volleyball, cricket… whatever. I’m in!” She even trained with the junior national basketball team in Pakistan during her college years. And the adventure doesn’t stop there — Humaira is also a total adrenaline junky. From paragliding to extreme water sports, there is nothing better to her than a new adventure!

“Why be scared? I don’t understand it,” Humaira closes.

We are very excited to welcome Humaira to Trans-Border! Drop Humaira a welcome message at hshahzad@tbgfs.com.