Welcome to Trans-Border, Elizabeth Cox

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Please give a warm welcome to the newest member of our export operations team – Elizabeth Cox! Elizabeth is excited to begin her role here at Trans-Border as it is her first step into the world of freight forwarding!

Elizabeth was born in Cooperstown but grew up more in the capital region. Her one year wedding anniversary with her husband is coming up and she is also a new mom to a seven month old daughter. Elizabeth comes to us with some related experience from working on the warehouse end of shipments at Amazon. She also has about 12 years of customer service experience as well. She is excited to change it up and start her career on the freight forwarding side of the industry.

In her free time Elizabeth enjoys getting crafty and is very artistic, she loves todo photography as well as painting. Her favorite season is Fall and she enjoys watching movies that are filled with drama which is why she prefers DC over Marvel and her favorite tv series to binge is Sons of Anarchy. If she could learn a new skill in 10 minutes, she’d want to have a photographic memory. She would also want to be able to shape-shift and read minds if she could have superpowers.

Fun fact about Elizabeth is that she is not just an artist on paper but also musically as well. She loves to sing and has even performed in front of a crowd before.

We are very excited to have Elizabeth at Trans-Border! Stop by Elizabeth’s desk or drop her a welcome message at ecox@tbgfs.com.