Welcome to Trans-Border, Bob Janusz

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Everyone please welcome the newest member of our import pricing team — Bob Janusz! Bob has previous experience working in supply chains and is excited to join our team here at Trans-Border.

Bob was born in New Jersey and his family moved to Albany when he was young. Since then, Bob decided to stay in the area. He has been working in distribution since he was a kid, his latest role was at Albany Memorial Hospital in their supply chain operations. During this time Bob obtained his Associates Degree in Supply Chain from SUNY Schenectady. He is currently in the process of furthering his education in Supply Chain Management through Bellevue University.

In his current role with Trans-Border he is looking forward to learning the international side of logistics. For Bob, seeing how people collaborate on shipments has been cool to experience. The best part of joining the team so far has been working with the people who are helpful and embody the company culture.

Bob spends most of his free time watching his kid play soccer and would love to travel to England together to attend soccer games. His hobbies include working out and learning as much as he can about economics and business. If he could gain a new skill in ten minutes, Bob would love to learn Polish; if he had a superpower he would want to be invisible; and if he had a yacht he would name it Bones.

We are happy to have Bob at Trans-Border! Stop by Bob’s desk or drop him a welcome message at bjanusz@tbgfs.com.