Welcome to Trans-Border, Audrey Miller!

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Everyone please welcome the newest member of our import operations team — Audrey Miller! Audrey boasts decades of logistics experience, both in the U.S. and France, and is excited to apply that experience to her new role at Trans-Border.

Audrey is a native of France, born in Paris and raised in various locations across the country. At the conclusion of her education, Audrey completed a one-year professional program studying international trade and, more specifically, international transportation. As part of the program and following afterwards, Audrey interned at a freight forwarder in Marseille, France, and spent the next five years working at various forwarders across France. Audrey made her big move to the U.S. in 2000, initially landing in Miami and working for a new freight forwarder based there. Shortly after, Audrey got married and moved all across the South/Southwest U.S., living in cities in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and, most recently, Oklahoma. She even lived in Roswell, NM, for a short time but admits she was not there hunting for aliens.

Audrey and her family moved to the Northeast a few years ago and she’s excited to get back into the workplace. “The company vibe is great,” Audrey explains, “there’s fantastic energy here.” This is especially exciting news for Audrey as the social interaction of the workplace was one of her prime motivations in getting back into it. “I’m excited to be with new people each day.”

Although most of her time is taken up by caring for her husband and 10-year-old son, Audrey loves to cook any chance she gets. Maybe unsurprisingly, her favorite cuisine to cook is French, especially crepes and quiche. And, when it comes to the cheese vs. no cheese quiche debate, Audrey is firmly on team cheese — most especially swiss cheese in her bacon quiche. Even so and no matter how hard she seems to try, Audrey notices her palette has changed since moving to the U.S. and goes on to tell a story of being turned off by pigs’ feet, a delicacy she would’ve enjoyed as a child in France. “I’m more of a baker anyway.”

Audrey moved to the U.S. to chase the American Dream and, from her standpoint, she has caught it. She has a loving family and successful career, and wouldn’t change a thing. “Well, actually, one day I would like to move to Idaho or Wyoming,” she follows up, “there’s something so peaceful about being out there in the country.”

We are very excited to welcome Audrey to Trans-Border! Stop on by her desk to say hello or send over a welcome message at amiller@tbgfs.com.