Welcome to Trans-Border, Amy Hall-Clothier

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Everyone please welcome the newest member of our import operations team — Amy Hall-Clothier! Amy is excited to begin her role here at Trans-Border as it is her first step into the world of freight forwarding!

Amy grew up in Saratoga on a dairy farm. She and her husband now have a hobby farm of their own in the same area. She has cows, goats, donkeys, sheep, chickens and 3 dogs on her farm. Amy has previously worked just up the road from us at the Quick Response Restoration, Inc. More recently before joining our team Amy worked as an insurance adjuster. She is excited to start her career in the freight forwarding world and be able to grow with the company.

In her free time Amy enjoys spending her time outside, one her hobby farm as well as antiquing and finding interesting things to up-cycle and repurpose. If she has a yacht she would name it “Misfit Voyage” to match the name of her farm. Though she grew up on a dairy farm and decided she did not want to follow that route when she was older she finds that the cows are her favorite animals on the hobby farm. While her roosters are currently the farm bullies. Her favorite food is seafood and if she could have a superpower she would just want the power to have zero anxiety and all confidence. Fun fact about Amy is that her current home and farm is part of land that was her grandparents, the land was given to the family and divided up so her family has almost like their own little village among themselves.

Amy said as far as her aspirations, she hopes to find a way to helps make a difference, even on a small scale, whenever she can.

We are happy to have Amy at Trans-Border! Stop by Amy’s desk or drop her a welcome message at ahclothier@tbgfs.com.