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Kick The Can & Flash Light Tag – What are the Rules?

It is that time of year again….its summer time !!  Time to cook out and eat way too many hamburgers….Time to eat a lot of corn on the cob….Time to go camping and sit around a nice fire pit….Time to take that yearly family vacation to the place you always go.  I think the kids still play Kick the Can or Flash Light Tag…I hope !!  If not and they are all sitting inside playing video games we got some issues !

Summer nights as a kid for me were outside playing games.  One night it may be Kick the Can ( remember ? ) or another night it might be flashlight tag….but it was always at someone else’s house and they had their own interpretations of the rules.  Even as kids before we started the game we would all get together and discuss the rules and then play the game.  By talking about the rules prior to the game we ALL understood everything – smart, smart kids.

Business is just an adult version of a game, though with money and many more ramifications for both failure and success….that is why it is an adult game.  In this business game of importing and exporting it is getting really, really hard to play this game when the rules are changing in the middle of it !!  I am not here to take a political side to the situation in regard to Tariffs that are being imposed, but I am here to say for all of us involved ( importers, exporters, logisticians, etc..)  it is really hard to play the game of business when we could be getting a change at any time that has huge monetary effects on our business.

Everyone wants answers – we have many, but not all.  Everyone wants an opinion – we have those too, but they change daily.  Everyone just wants to know the rules of the game so they know how to play – seems so simple as kids can do it, but we can’t.  So the rules change and they can change quickly.  We have options but for most of us we just have to keep playing the game.  We may not run as fast to kick the can or take as big of a risk to shine that flash light, but we are still playing !

Get those kids outside playing, running, screaming, arguing, laughing, etc…and let them learn that sometimes life doesn’t fit into a neat box and just maybe it won’t always be fair, but we have to keep playing !

Enjoy the summer!

Peace, Love & Freight

Thank You & Take Care –
Jeff Millens




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