Letter from Jeff – Quarterly Newsletter Q1 2019

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We missed you!!….We have an excuse…..

Hello… hello..!!

It has been quite a while since our last newsletter and for that we apologize.  Much like:

my 15 year old son who swears he does not have to study anymore for Math yet struggles, but has hours to hone his Fortnite skills or

my 17 year old son who leaves the car with no gas or

my 18 year old daughter trying to explain why she had to use her emergency credit card at college for tacos at 130 in the morning or

my 20 year old son who always overloads the washing machine when he is home from college or

my 21 year old son who when he is home from college can’t remember to turn off the lights if he is the last one up….

Apologies, Apologies, Apologies….my wife and I love our kids and figure in time as they get older the excuses will end as their maturity level increases. This will happen – correct ?

Well we do apologize for not having put out a newsletter in the last year.  What is our excuse ?  We have been investing quite a bit of time in rolling out our new software system and went live October 1, 2018.  Since then we have spent another 6 months making sure that the system was working properly and did not affect the service we provide for your valuable shipments.  When it comes to moving shipments and getting them there on time and in good condition we could never and would never make excuses – we have to get the job done right.

Business is about results and as a company we stand behind what we do and how we do it.  Our values and moral compass are always focused on making sure we don’t have to worry about excuses because we provide results.  Will there be delays, damages, etc….unfortunately at times yes, but we will not make excuses.  We will deliver facts and be accountable.  At Trans-Border, our priorities are simple – Your Business, Your Time, Your Profit.

We have many, many more things we are still working on, but at this time we can now start moving a bit of our focus to other areas such as marketing.  We have weekly informational newsletters in your inbox every Thursday and we are back on track for the quarterly newsletter of what is happening at Trans-Border being delivered, this being the restart !…yeah – yeah – yeah…

So no more excuses, even if ours was valid – my kids excuses not so much ?.  Though I will tell you my 2 dogs never offer any excuses or apologize – we just have a good understanding that they are never going to listen.  Much like my kids will and have matured (my wife and I feel very blessed to have them) Trans-Border, as a company, is maturing and getting better every day.  We thank you for your patience as we moved through this transition and we greatly appreciate all of your support.

Peace, Love & Freight

Thank You & Take Care –
Jeff Millens




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