Letter from Allison – Quarterly Newsletter Q3 2019

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Hi! Let’s talk!

I was sitting in a meeting with Jeff Millens this week and we were talking about our never-ending to-do lists.  One of the items on his list was to write our quarterly newsletter, and as his to-do list was longer than mine – I offered to jump in and write the newsletter this quarter.  So!  Here we are.  I do not have 5 kids or any for that matter, but I do have a four-legged “child.”  Every day, when I come home from work, I talk to my puppy.  I also talk to my fiancé.  When we are talking, I can hear in his voice and if he is happy, sad, empathic (or not ?) to my long day.  In this digital age we are in with emails, texts, and Snapchats, the art of actually talking to one another seems to be going extinct.

Me and my four-legged child, Zeke

Here at Trans-Border, we pick up the phone and talk.  Whether we are telling you that your freight has arrived early or that it is stuck in a rail yard for the 7th day in a row, we want you to hear our voices.  We want you to hear that we are happy when your freight makes it in time for the deadline!  We also want you to hear just how much we care when your freight missed that flight.  In the freight world, there will inevitably be mishaps, however, we want to talk to you, talk about your concerns and talk about how we can fix them.

So, I make this promise to you: we will pick up the phone.  The good and the bad – we want to talk.  Feel free to give us a call!

PS – We also listen ?

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