Port of Vancouver sees major congestion, nearly at holding capacity

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A surge of cargo in the past month has pushed the Port of Vancouver, and many other major ports across the world, to their limits. As the largest port in Canada, it is not unusual for the Port to see a large volume of shipments. However, this latest surge has pushed Vancouver to it’s limits, currently utilizing 85% of their holding facilities. The industry typically maxes out at 80% capacity.

This effect is also not unique to Vancouver. We have reported congestion in ports all around the world, including in the ports of NY/NJ and Long Beach, as well as the port of Shanghai.

We believe this never-before-seen terminal congestion is in great part due to the impending U.S. tariff increase on goods imported from China. On March 1, if an agreement is not reached, the import tariff on certain commodities coming in from China will rise from 10 to 25%, adding pressure on importers to get their goods into the U.S. before this goes into effect.

We are working our hardest to ensure our client’s cargo is being imported and cleared on schedule, but we do ask patience as we face congestion at all major ports.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to info@tbgfs.com or give us a call at (800) 493-9444.


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