Tariff Scheduled for Mexico Suspended Indefinitely

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Last Friday, June 7, the U.S. administration announced it would indefinitely suspend the planned tariffs imposed on Mexico. The tariffs, which were set to increase 5 percent each month they were in effect, were scheduled for initial implementation on Monday, June 10.

President Trump announced, via Twitter, that a deal had been reached between the U.S. and Mexico. As part of this deal, Mexico pledged to significantly increase its own border security in an effort to stem the flow of illegal migrants to the U.S. Illegal immigration through Mexico into the U.S. was cited as the main factor in the originally imposed tariffs.

The official statement from the U.S. Department of State can be found here.

Trans-Border will continue to monitor the situation. If you have any questions, please reach out to Bill Carey, Import Compliance Manager, at bcarey@tbgfs.com or (800) 493-9444.

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