Mass protests in France continue to disrupt port activity

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In a follow-up to our story in December, France has entered day 40 of its longest continuous transport strike in modern history. The mass protests across the nation have caused disruptions at many of France’s transportation hubs, including its largest cargo ports.

Our carriers are reporting shipment delays at the Port of Le Havre, where the local tug operator and docker unions have participated in strike activity in recent days. Additionally, the Federation of Port and Dock Workers have called for on-going and sporadic labor stoppages, the most recent of which was a 72-hour stoppage between January 9 – 12.

The protests are in response to pension reforms proposed by recently elected Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. However, after weeks of negotiations, Prime Minister Philippe agreed to one of the labor labor’s most important demands – the so-called “pivot age” representing the legal age of retirement. As such, many labor leaders are calling for an end to strike activity.

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