Golden Week in China — Preparing your Supply Chain

Sculpture in Tiananmen Square, Golden Week 2018

Each year in early October, China celebrates Golden Week — a week-long holiday observed throughout the nation. This year, Golden Week will take place from October 1 – 7.

During Golden Week, businesses, including shipping and logistics organizations, will close their doors. Services to and from the country will essentially halt during the celebration. Due to these closures, we strongly recommend coordinating with your suppliers and customers in China to avoid delays or additional costs.

The run-up to Golden Week will have a particular effect on U.S. exporters as U.S. to China shipping services become backlogged and space becomes increasingly sparse. Many airlines, for example, will refuse cargo close to the holiday due to the costs associated with storing it in Chinese airports. Again, we strongly recommend coordinating with your shippers to ensure the latest arrival dates for timely customs clearance. If cargo arrives in China during the holiday, it could sit idle and accrue storage costs.

U.S. importers should heed similar warnings and coordinate with your suppliers in China to avoid disruptions in your supply chain during the stoppage.

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