Delays, Planes, and Automobiles!

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Challenging is an understatement when it comes to describing the logistics world in 2020. As we creep towards the end of the year – and what historically has always been the most volatile period of the calendar, the challenges that COVID-19 continues to present itself with only further reinforces what we all know – that aside from the human suffering involved, 2020 has been nothing short of a logistical nightmare.

What do we mean by this? In March, we saw extraordinary levels of turbulence within the industry. Ports were closing, nations shut their borders and airlines cut personnel due to plummeting demands. It seemed that it took forever to move a shipment between two points. It wasn’t just the pure fact that carriers were struggling to physically move goods due to sanctions and closed borders – it affected the back office so to speak. What used to take twenty minutes to make an airline booking was taking three hours. Every facet of the supply chain was affected, and at every conceivable level.

As we fast forward eighth months – how has the situation changed, if any? Has there been a rebound in capacity? Are services slowly returning to normal levels? The simple answer is yes and no. We saw trends during the spring and summer months where COVID was becoming part of everyone’s daily lives and it forced carriers to think outside the norm. For example, some passenger airlines were (and are) continuing to make rebounds in services.  Some airlines, however, are not so fortunate and have had to close their doors. A handful of global air carriers that managed to stay in business have received government authorization to stow cargo in the main-deck of their aircraft.  Ultimately, every carrier in every sector (air, sea, land, etc.) has been fighting the demons to try and stay aloft – and in any way they can. This has been a harsh reality for many. Some have survived – some haven’t.

The logistics landscape has fundamentally changed over the last number of months and only time will tell when things will return to normal. For now, there is a new norm. As we reach towards the end of the year, delays are becoming more present. Ocean lines have tried to accommodate and add services but it hasn’t always worked. Rates have spiked. Airlines continue to tread on a razor thin edge and with a recent spike in COVID – especially with the recent shutdowns in Europe – there is no knowing how far back this will push the industry.

Here at Trans-Border, we continue to monitor the market and use our skill, knowledge, and resources to efficiently move your cargo. It is critical to know that planning on your inbound and outbound traffic has never become more critical in your supply chain. We urge the community not to lay back and think everything has normalized – it hasn’t. Keep an open line of communication with us, your vendors and your customers – just like Trans-Border does. Talking about solutions and being open and honest has and always will be the best course of action. We will continue to do all possible to move your cargo quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – but ask for patience and understanding in this extremely challenging environment.

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