CN Rail Blockades and Cold Weather Continue to Cause Disruptions

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In an update to this on-going situation, Canadian National Railway (CN) continues to experience major disruptions across its Canadian network due to rail line blockades and worsening cold weather.

Blockades were erected across several of CN’s major Canadian rail lines back on February 6 in protest of a planned pipeline project. A few days after the blockades began affecting traffic, CN Rail obtained a court injunction and police began taking limited action by removing some – but not all – of the blockades.

As it stands, blockades remain in Ontario and Manitoba, with several recently freed lines beginning to work through a backload of freight. Traffic in and out of most of Canada’s maritime provinces has been severely impacted by the shutdown and following congestion. The Port of Halifax is reporting normal operating conditions.

In addition to the protest blockades, ports in British Columbia are experiencing extremely cold weather, resulting in erosion on nearby rail lines. Repairs to the lines are creating further congestion at the Ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

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