Employee of the Quarter – Maisey Loucks

 In Company News

Each quarter, Trans-Border recognizes an employee for outstanding work. The winner receives a $500 monetary bonus and the coveted parking spot right outside the front door of our headquarters. The Employee of the Quarter award goes to Maisey Loucks! Maisey was recognized for her professionalism, ambition, and diligence.

Maisey was introduced to supply chain and logistics in her time studying at SUNY Plattsburgh, where she eventually graduated with a degree in business and supply chain. Once Maisey dipped her toe into freight, she was hooked and there was no turning back.

Following graduation, Maisey took up a logistics role at a local manufacturing supplier. While rising quickly through that organization, she had the opportunity to interact with and utilize Trans-Border’s services regularly. Shortly thereafter, the freight stars aligned and Maisey came to work at Trans-Border in our export pricing department.

Since joining our team, Maisey has excelled rapidly and now serves as a leader within the export pricing department. Maisey also consistently seeks additional responsibility and is cross-training across several departments. “It’s the people,” she credits for her dedication, “everyone is a team here and there is an outstanding sense of comradery.”

Maisey excels inside and outside the workplace. Maisey is an expert marksman, regularly competing and winning medals for her rifle shooting. Additionally, she loves cosplay and, along with her sister, has made some very impressive outfits. Her favorite franchises to emulate are X-Men and Doctor Who. She has even met three of the Doctors and attended several Comic Cons!

Congratulations to Maisey for this recognition and thank you for your outstanding dedication!